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Real Estate Marketing Tips For Smaller Developers

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Real Estate marketing tips

It is important to state the reality of real estate marketing, and how it works. In spite of the high level of competition and market slowdown amongst the ‘Big Boys’ in the residential property leads business, smaller residential builders are still able to corner a significant market share. You just have to choose the right league, and know how to win.

The established developer will have an edge when it comes to selling the project. However, the smaller and newer developers may be able to beat this even though their project might share the same location as a large name. In order to do this, the developer must offer services which other builders are unlikely to consider. You can reduce the length of time to finalize legalities and offer new payment methods.

Creative Pricing Strategies

Innovative financial structuring plans are tailored for clients and can add significant value to the marketing of real estate. Schemes that have proved successful include the following:

You can offer the buyers to choose between renting the flat for a fixed monthly price, plus a security deposit of a given amount, or buying it at a subsequent date. When the sale is made, payments received are considered as down-payments. In this way, the occupier of the flat can continue to rent it out or even buy the same flat at a future date where rates may have fallen to a reasonable level.

It’s All About The Personal Touch

A small developer can benefit from the personal touch in a broader sense. Rather than entrusting inquiries to an underling, he will personally handle phone calls, send emails through his personal ID, and give prospective buyers a tour of the local property market. A developer’s personal approach is highly appreciated by customers.

Professional Marketing

In the event that no marketing or sales formulas are effective, real estate professionals can change fortunes by using innovative and creative solutions. The concept of ‘thinking outside of the box’ can help you come up with creative and innovative solutions for most of your market problems.